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SAL Entreprenuer 

SAL Entreprenuer initiative aims to challenge the youth to be Entrprenurs through a series of workshops on how to start run and grow your own business . We hope to use this to create mass employment to reduce the staggering unemployment rate in our member countries .



Enviromental Sanitation Project​

Enviromental Sanitation Project aims to curb the recurring sanitiation problems our member countries face . We hope to go about this through our " Save your neighbourhood " program. A large scale volunteer program that encourages members to bring thier neigbourhood to livable standards


Build a School  

SAL Build a school initiative aims to build leadership schools for underprivileded youths that show potential to be future leaders. We will also incorporate annual sports camps and tournaments to promote team work and leadership across the youths


SAL Energy

SAL energy hopes to bring an end to blackout problem facing West Africa, through renewable energy inititiatives and goverment partnership .

Build a Hospital 

SAL build a hospital initiative is geared toward building a network of  low cost hospitals and healthcare to cater to problems that face youths like HIV prevention , contraceptive education and vacination



SAl Farm Project

SAL Farm Project aims to help adress the hunger problem facing West Africa , we hope to increase awarness of new farming and food storage techniques to properly assist with sustainable farming .

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